Meeting the History and Nature of Deokcheon Mandeok

Deokcheon-dong Youth Street

Deokcheon-dong Youth Street
  • DirectionDeokcheon Station, Subway Line 2

Chosen as one of the best “hot places” in Western Busan, Deokcheon-dong Youth Street is full of youthful and unique spaces just like its name. There are New Core Outlet -- a complex shopping culture space -- across the street, and an underground shopping mall in Deokcheon Station, which makes the Youth Street ideal for shopping.

Culture Ice CenterThrough the ice on the four-season ice rink

Culture Ice Center
  • Address46 beon-gil 50, Geumgok-daero, Buk-gu, Busan

You can enjoy winter sports all year round in this ice center, which boasts of international-standard indoor ice rink. It also consists of a culture and arts center to experience diverse cultures and a performance hall that presents various performances.

Gupo Japanese FortressRecalling the pain of the Imjin War and commemorating our ancestors

Gupo Japanese Fortress
  • Address93, Deokcheon-dong, Buk-gu, Busan

It is a stone castle built by a Japanese general during the Imjin War caused by the Japanese Invasion in 1592. The fortress has established itself as a landmark thanks to its historical significance and the scenery embracing Nakdong River under the fortress wall.

Mandeok Lego VillageFalling in love with a cute little village

Mandeok Lego Village
  • SubwayLine 3 Mandeok Station (Exit 1) ▷ Walk for 11 minutes

Built in 1986 in Mandeok, this village consists of apartments serving as public housing accommodating 54 households. Due to the colorful roofs and densely packed houses that remind one of Lego toy blocks, it was named Mandeok Lego Village. The village has become a popular tourist attraction visited by people from afar to see the interesting scenery that has become popular through word of mouth, so it is regarded as an example of how a well-preserved village community can be attractive even if it is not necessarily a unique attraction. Please be considerate of the local residents when visiting.

Mandeoksa Temple Site and DangganjijuWalking along the site and picturing Mandeok Temple of Goryeo Dynasty

Mandeoksa Temple Site and Dangganjiju
  • Address784 Mandeok-dong, Buk-gu, Busan

While today's Mandeoksa is a small temple in the size of a hermitage, it is estimated that there had been an enormous temple in the past, and it has varying oral legends. Mandeoksa Temple Site Danggajiju, which was designated as a tangible cultural asset in Busan, tells the boundaries of the old Mandeok Temple site.

Mandeok Folk Duck Bulgogi ComplexTasting healthy duck bulgogi produced by nature

Mandeok Folk Duck Bulgogi Complex
  • AddressArea around 80 beon-gil, Mandeok-ro, Buk-gu, Busan

A street specializing in Buk-gu food created by more than 20 duck meat shops along the trail leading from Mandeok Tunnel 1 to Mandeok Pass. The flavors of various duck dishes have come together, each having its own secret, such as deliciously spicy duck bulgogi as well as the best warm and thick oriental medicinal duck soup. Many people come to eat duck meat to take care of their health and satisfy their appetite, since it is made of fresh water and high-quality ingredients with the clean air of Mt. Geumjeong. During the Duck Bulgogi Festival held every other year, not only singing competitions and performances but also free duck meat tasting and sales discounts are offered for visitors to participate and enjoy the flavor of Buk-gu.

Byeongpungam Rock Seokbulsa TempleClimbing to a superb view surrounded by rocky folding screens

Byeongpungam Rock Seokbulsa Temple
  • Address143-79, Mandeok Gogae-gil, Buk-gu, Busan

Boasting of a superb view that is worth introducing as a “must-visit unexplored view in Asia,” the rock-carved Buddha statue engraved on the giant Byeongpungam Rock overwhelms the gaze.