Sanggyebong Peak of Sanghaksan Mountain
Embracing Buk-gu at a Glance, "Sanggyebong Peak of Sanghaksan Mountain"
  • SubwaySubway Line 3 Mandeok Station (Exit 2)
  • BusTake regular bus 8, 110, 111, 121, 131 → Get off at the Mandeok intersection

Having the shape of a crane, Sanghaksan is one of the major peaks of Geumjeongsan symbolizing the Busan area. Rocks and cliffs exquisitely cut by the weathering of nature have drawn the attention of hikers for their superb view. The main peak is especially called Sangyebong because it resembles a chicken, greeting hikers with its generous brooding of Buk-gu. Not only that -- it is also the place where the sunlight shines first due to its height, and people hoping to receive the energy of the hot sun swarm in here in the New Year.

Climbing courses: Course 1

Mandeok Crossroads

Sanghak Elementary School


Sanggyebong (150 minutes)

Climbing courses: Course 2

Mandeok Crossroads

Sanghak Elementary School

Cheonryongsaji Temple Site

South Gate of Geumjeong Fortress

East Gate of Geumjeong Fortress

North Gate of Geumjeong Fortress

Geumjeong Mountain (240 minutes)